from June 22 to June 26

Missionary Disciples Institute

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Come with a passion, leave with a mission!

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Krista Chinchilla

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Arthur Wilson

Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR

Kristin Koehl

The Missionary Disciples Institute at Marian University is online for 2020! This is a great opportunity for you to join a community of other high school leaders from around the country who are passionate about their faith and are seeking new ways to serve their communities through the church. Now more than ever, we are in need of missionary disciples to step up and be leaders in the church. MDI Online will take place during the week of June 22-26, 2020 with sessions offered each day with many breaks in between.

What you can expect from MDI Online:

      • A community of like-minded leaders passionate about being missionary disciples

      • Daily Mass

      • Morning and night prayer with worship led by The Hussey Brothers

      • Daily keynotes on what it means to be a missionary disciple from: Kristin Brokaw, Noelle Garcia, Rev. Arthur Wilson, Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR, Krista Chinchilla, and Mike Patin.

      • Sessions with theology professors from Marian University on specific areas of ministry: didache (ministry of teaching), diakonia (ministry of serving), kerygma (ministry of proclaiming), koinonia (ministry of partnering), leitourgia (ministry of praying).

      • Additional sessions to learn new prayers, grow in ministry skills, brainstorm on relevant topics, and enjoy fellowship with new friends from across the country.

      • An MDI resource box will be mailed to your house with resources and swag for MDI Online!

      • A GroupMe chat to help build community.

      • We will host an in-person event (God willing) at the beginning of October 2020.

      • The cost for MDI Online is $50 and will be due after you have applied for and been accepted to attend MDI Online.

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"Give us a holy courage to seek new paths,

that the gift of unfading beauty

may reach every man and woman." (EG, 288)