What have you gained by being at MDI?

“Community in action and the importance of planning”

“I gained/am working on how to love myself again... I gained a new found passion and fire in my faith.

“Goodness, infinitely more than I can type here. I gained so much wisdom and advice from leaders. I gained so much love from my dearest Jesus. I gained so much strength from my new found friends.”

“Moving forward, I hope to be more confident and bold in living out my faith and sharing the joy of the Gospel."

“I hope to be there for others when they need it. When their lives are feeling like they are falling apart, I want to be there for them.”

What did you gain from the presence of young professionals / MU Alumni?

“What mattered was that the young professionals had us see that we were not too young to do our mission plan. That even at a young age, we can accomplish God's will. What I gained from their presence was that they gave us a sense of enthusiasm and humor, that kept me involved in the program."

"I learned that anyone can be a missionary disciple... that we can live out our faith at any age."

What did you like most about the Immersion Experience?

“I loved the immersion experience because it showed me how I can help the community I live in.”

"Being able to see how a small goal can lead to changing the community is invigorating and inspiring.”

What features of your track were most meaningful to you?

"I think the community aspect of my track was the most meaningful to me because it made the experience more enjoyable. We didn't just learn about service together, but we ended up learning about service from each other. Through serving the community, making dinner together, and sharing our own witness stories, we grew closer through wanting to be servants of God."

"It's an experience I've always wanted to have, but don't have people to do it with."

“I think the part that was most meaningful is the relationship we all created with each other. Everyone cared about what you had to say and everyone was so open to being friends and learning about you. I felt so at home and safe and loved everyone in my track. By the end of the week, I felt they were all some of my closest friends and I did not want to leave them.”